Lab news

Congrats to PHD candidate Rob!

31st August 2023

Congratulations to Rob Moore for passing his PHD milestone and officially becoming a PHD candidate! We’re all super proud of you! 

Walter-Zellidja grant - French academy 

19th June 2023

Big congrats to Elena Kerjean for recently winning the Walter Zellidja travel award! Looking forward to seeing you back in Melbourne for the next season!

Undergrad research poster session

25th May 2023

We’re so proud of our students Nell Glover and Stephanie Cooper for presenting their posters showcasing their results from a 12 week research project. Nell found that generalist non-native honeybees had no significant preferences for similar or dissimilar shapes of native vs. invasive flowers, and Steffi found that honeybees hierarchically prefer colour cues (specifically blue) over shapes during foraging.